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Small Area

Bra Rolls, Arms, Knees, or Love Handles

Service Description

The session commences with a soothing oil massage on your targeted area, preparing your skin for the transformative treatment. Ultrasound cavitation then takes center stage, targeting stubborn fat and transforming it into water. The process continues with the application of radiofrequency bipolar technology to tighten loose skin, promoting a more contoured appearance. Lipo laser, employed during the treatment, works to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells, aiding in a smoother and more toned look. To enhance the experience, a hot towel is gently applied as you conclude the session. As a finishing touch, a plastic wrap, secured with a special belt, is keep the area warmed, providing additional support in targeting fat of the treated area for several hours, ensuring the benefits persist until nightfall. Experience the synergy of advanced technologies for a body sculpting journey like no other. Bonus Offer: Enjoy a gift session on your seventh visit! Urgent Tips: For optimal results, we highly recommend between 10 and 12 sessions. To maintain your measurements and weight management, it is recommended to have one treatment bi-weekly. Please review our FAQ section regarding Heat Sculpting Body for preparation before your appointment.

  • 40 min
  • 2040 Alma Street, Kitsilano

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