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Facial Price Options



Unwind with our relaxing & revitalizing facials

 We offer special pricing for our loyal guests, including a $50 gift for every friend referral as a token of our appreciation, as always.



Purify, Renew, Hydrate, and Nourish

Indulge in the ultimate pampering for your skin with our Hydrafacial treatment. This powerful combination of hydration, exfoliation, and extraction reveals a radiant glow that helps delay the aging process by maintaining optimal skin hygiene. Includes the added benefits of LED therapy and aromatherapy for a soothing, luxurious experience that stimulates your senses. Rest assured that our Hydrafacial technology is approved by Health Canada.

1 hour - $150


Dermalogica's Signature Facial  

Healthy skin requires proper cleaning. 

The comprehensive facial is a multi-step treatment designed to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. It begins with a customized mask tailored to the individual's specific needs. This is followed by a facial massage that uses a self-love stone, jelly mask, and LED therapy to promote skin rejuvenation and overall well-being. It includes shoulder and decollete massage with self-love stone to promote tension relieving.  Customized hydration is provided to nourish the skin. Aromatherapy is incorporated into the treatment to help uplift the mood and create a soothing ambiance. With its combination of personalized skincare and relaxation techniques, this facial is the perfect way to achieve healthy, radiant-looking skin.


1 hr 15 mins - $120

Dermalogica facial


Say Hello to Glass-Like Skin

Transform your skin to feel as smooth as glass with our dermaplaning treatment. Skin is to be deeply cleansed, followed by a hot towel and extraction to remove any dirt and impurities. Dead skin cells, fine vellus hair, and fuzz to be gently removed with a sterile surgical blade, leaving your skin with a sculpted, glass-like finish. Includes pampering with a soothing hydrojelly mask to nourish and hydrate. Say goodbye to dull and uneven skin.

1 hr - $80

Hydrafacial + Dermaplaning

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Our Dual Skincare Treatment

Celebrate the best of both worlds with our two-in-one facial treatment. Indulge in the deep cleansing and exfoliation of dermaplaning paired the hydration and nourishment of a hydrafacial. Transform your skin with this dynamic duo and achieve a healthy, radiant glow. Additional benefit of a deeper absorption of moisturizers and other nourishing products cannot be dismissed. 

1 hr 30 mins- $180


Dermalogica Facial+ Dermaplaning

Elevate Your Dermalogica Facial with an Additional Skin Rejuvenation

This powerful combination of two treatments offers an unparalleled skin rejuvenation opportunity, allowing for a plentiful time to rest and unwind, while soothing music is played in the background. The peach fuzz removal benefits of dermaplaning allow for better assimilation of moisturizers, while the Dermalogica Facial specifically targets individual skin concerns. 

1 hr 30 mins - $160

Black Diamond Laser

"Who does not want a baby skin?"

Many celebrities swear by the Black Diamond Laser treatment as their secret to flawless skin. "Baby Skin" facial is designed to boost collagen and elasticity and to eliminate oily, congested skin with a multi-step process. A dark lotion is applied, followed by a gentle cleanse using natural rose water essence. Using Dermalogica's most popular brightening formula, formed from rice-based Milkfoliant exfoliant. For sensitive skin types, super gentle oats-based Milkfoliant is rubbed. After all the steps, a special aloe vera mask is applied to offer hydration and cool down the heat from the treatment.


1 hour

$240/ per visit

$645/ 3 visits


Lifting & Firming Facial

Your life tells your age but your skin not

The Radio Frequency (R.F) facial combines various steps and products to lift, firm, and sculpt the complexion. It includes the application of Dermalogica Colloidal Masque Base gel, a gentle cleanse with natural rose water essence, the use of Dermalogica Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and prepare the skin, a facial massage with a rose quartz stone to soothe inflamed skin, a rest period with an icy compress, and the application of a cooling aloe vera hydrojelly mask. This facial concludes with hydration and the application of a strong SPF, leaving the skin feeling revitalized and restored, with a healthy glow. All while relaxing music plays in the background, making this facial a truly luxurious and rejuvenating experience.

1h 30 mins

$165 /per visit

$460/ 3 visits

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